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"The gratitude project has been so much more than I could have ever hoped for. This course can get you started on the habit of a gratitude practice or help you no matter where you are on this journey. I never realized so many other emotions and issues would come up through this process as have for me. I didn't really feel like I had a lot of other baggage, I just wanted to improve my outlook. There have been some personal struggles and some tears shared with the beautiful women in this group, there has also been laughing and true appreciation and camaraderie and peace with some things I didn't even realize were bothering me. If you do the work, you improve your life and it is so worth it!
Gretchen Hayes
From Dallas, USA
I am hopeful, happy, uplifting, encouraging. I’m excited every day to learn something new about gratitude. I’m not saying this has been easy. I’m not saying there aren’t days that I stumble. I’ve learned this is something more than just a gratitude project. Stephanie and Valerie are helping me dive into the ick that I don’t want to face. The ick in my past I have tucked away forever. I’ve never wanted to face the hurts from my past. I never looked at my hurts as something to be grateful for. But as I’ve learned, those deep hurts have taught me lessons, taught me to be stronger. They’ve taught me to reach out to others and be a light and show them they to can get through their hurts.
Melody Williams
From Australia
"What I got out of The Gratitude Project is so much more than I ever imagined. I thought I was going in to this project with hopes of stopping some of my negativity. I was looking to start seeing the Beauty all around me. What I received was so much more. Not only am I seeing gratitude in the every day little things, I’m starting to enjoy life again. Stephanie and Valerie are uplifting and encouraging. They taught me it’s okay to not be okay. They taught me it’s okay to be angry and hurts. But don’t let it define who I am. I’m so thankful for this project and will continue to grow because of them."
Melody Williams
From Japan
"Don’t wait for another second to try The Gratitude Project! You will learn right away how to lay that foundation about gratitude. The tools you will learn are so simple but pack a huge punch. Words can not express what this class has done for me. My outlook on life is so different now. I can face all those panic attacks, fears, headaches, the feeling of helplessness because of the “tools” I have learned. It is the most incredible feeling knowing I can work through anything. You can’t get any better gift than that. You are not alone. You have a whole sisterhood with you."
Connie Petersen
From London, UK